Packaging Systems



In the box or bag for any solid product.

Toilet Soaps:

Stretch wrapper; pleat wrapper; Flow pack; Cartoner


For different types of liquids or thick with or without suspended particles.

A packing process is a series of sequential processes, equipment and people providing the packaging of products.

As main operations typical of the packaging system are:

  • Preparation of packaging (frame, cleaning, inspection, etc.)
  • Stuffing;
  • Closure;
  • Inspection and monitoring;
  • Labelling,
  • Groupage and stacking.


There is a huge market in the variety of packaging solutions for packaging with greater or lesser degree of automation.
So to make an assessment of investment in machinery processing and packaging should be taken into account at least the following factors:

  • Cost of acquisition, interest rate, etc..;
  • Costs of operation (machine);
  • Labour costs;
  • Consumption and losses of packaging materials;
  • Income and loss of product;
  • Speed and cadence.
  • In the technical specification of machinery, packaging, it is essential to consider the following factors:
  • Features of the product (specific volume, geometry, particle size, condition, breathing, weakness, tenderness, etc.)
  • Function of the machine (feeding, filling, sealing, handling, etc..)
  • Environmental conditions of operation (space, temperature and humidity, energy, water consumption, exposure to corrosive agents or others, etc.)
  • Packaging materials to use (features and formats);
  • Quantities, (volumes and masses per pack);
  • Nominal and real cadence;
  • Accuracy of dosage / filling, positioning, etc.., (The lack of accuracy of filling may result in the need for on-filling, with the costs);
  • Speed and degree of automation of changing formats;
  • Form of feed and output of packaging;
  • Devices marking;
  • Device control and command;
  • Chance of synchronization with other machines of the system;

(Source SPI)